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Tracks You Should Hear: Mind The Soul - When Curtains Fall x Right Now

That's right! I'm putting you onto not one, but two tracks with this post. These kids are that good! They bring such a nostalgic feeling to hip hop music man. Their singer is also just an immaculate voiced goddess. I'm actually rambling ahead with praises before I've made introductions, pardon my excitement.

This is Mind The Soul, a trio band vibe. They rep' that music for your soul class of musicians. I give to you When Curtains Fall, their very song recorded together, followed by Right Now a song they just did and added to their amazing EP The Village. It's very rare that I get stupid excited by up coming talent, and when I do, you need to take my word for it. I need you to find yourself their EP and just dwell in the glory of African child storytelling. If these two singles don't convince you, there is no help from here. They give me a mixture of The Roots in their instrumentation with a bit of Tumi & The Volume and Pebbles in their musical arrangements. They're a breath of fresh air!

Listen over here: