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@ToyaDelazy & @NtsikiMazwai air out their opinions about the @SA_HIPHOPAWARDS's female category

We all know ladies are the biggest consumers in the market and I feel that as much as there have been many female rappers that get posted on our site, I've come to notice ladies are also guilty for not supporting themselves. They normally support guys and when we come down to the crux of things popularity is a numbers game.
I think we need more ladies to buy into other ladies content. The consumption power that ladies have also needs to be directed towards themselves. In that way our ladies will be empowered without being dependent on any so called male dictated platform.
I say the same for black people in general once we direct our buying power towards ourselves we'll have our own economy.
This is if we speaking commercialism and the bigger picture.
Also as a note women are as powerful if not more than men. Its been proven just watch your mother unfortunately we in a world where if you black you need to work 5 times as harder than any other race and if you a black female its double that.