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Top 5 Visited Stories On From Last Week

Welcome to another brand new week Onlifers. Its our pleasure to bring you this weeks top 5 visited stories which got the most eyeballs from onlifers. Here is how this works. Every Monday we give you the most visited stories which had the most engagement from our blog last week. You ready? Lets go.

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1. CassperNyovest Receives Golden Key x Talks Frustration Of the SAHHAs x Fear Of Falling Off

Everyone wanted to know what Cassper was thinking when he did and said the things he said and did at the SA Hip Hop awards. This was a really interesting interview based on the fact that Cassper admitted that he has a fear of falling off.

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2. AKA Gets Second BBC 1Xtra Play Listing And Dominates SA Radio Airplay

When it come to Radio plays x spins AKA is the most played SA musician in South Africa. This is a crazy accolade based on the fact that he beat almost every musician in the country including global artists. Shouts to Doro on this one.

Click here to read the press release from Benza

3. Part 2 - The Biggest Come Ups From 2015 In No Particular Order

2015 is the year for the come up. There were lots of individuals who knocked on SA Hip Hop's door wanting to come in and make a run or better yet offer something new and interesting.

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4. @Nasty_CSA Talks To Dot Com About Being Nominated On SAHHA,Finishing Matric

Nasty C is rookie of the year in 2015 and there is no doubt about that. The crazy part about his rise in the game is that he just finished matric. Dot Com chopped it up with the youngin at the SA Hip hop awards on all these things.

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5. TumiMolekane Talks Return Of The King,Staying Relevant To The Times,Performing Overseas

Damn the shirt Tumi is wearing in the interview you are about to click on is mad ill. Anyway Dot Com chopped it up with Tumi on all things Return Of The King and more. I liked how Tumi spoke about the type of audience SA Hip hop has to grow to.

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Thats it Onlifers. Happy Monday y'all.