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Top 5 Streams & Downloads @B3nchMarQ @LaFlameSA @FlexRabanyan @DjZanD @K_ToOzle

We only got 2 returns from last week's chart in this week's Top 5 most streamed and downloaded tracks chart. That's Flame and Flex Rabanyan. How catchy are those tunes by the boys? WAIT A MINUTE!

The new #1 is by B3nchMarQ who shoot to this position after sporadically dropping their new song out of the blue with so much energy by the way. Then, Dj Zan D and K2's new singles make the count as well. Get this, Dj Zan D is sitting at #4 on both the Most Popular Content and Top 5 Streams & Downloads chart this week. How consistent? EXACTLY!

1. B3nchMarQ - U.K

Download it here

2. Flame ft A-Reece - Money Today

Click here to download

3. Flex Rabanyan - #RabaYeezy

Click here to download

4. Dj Zan D ft Reason - Rigorous

Click here to download

5. K2 ft Gobi Beast - Mabhebheza

Click here to download