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Top 5 Punchlines From The @mtvbasesouth #BaseCypher

Yung Swiss, Shane Eagle and Youngsta wrapped up the 2016 MTV Base cyphers yesterday with a scotching Golden Bars session. Shout out to DJ Switch for holding down on the 1's and 2's. This year's #BaseCypher featured the likes of Maraza, Rouge, Priddy Ugly, Ambitiouz Entertainment, Cap City Records, Skwatta Kamp and the OG himself Stogie T.

Naturally, everyone had opinions on who did it best so I thought I should share mine. This might be a bit subjective but it's not cast in stone, if you don't agree with me, you can always share your opinion in the comments section. The criteria is based on punchlines and not the verses. Some MCs dropped dope verses but lacked punchlines so please keep that in mind.

5."My camp fire and we here to tell a story" - A-Reece
(A play on the word camp which doubles as his label. Camp fires are normally the best places for story telling)

4."I'm Jay Z cause I'm finna kill a 100 mics, you J Z cause you can't see your numbers right." - Pdot O

3."Accept the Rouge, a Trojan Horse, she'll also be the end of you" - Rouge
(A Trojan horse is a person or thing intended to undermine or secretly overthrow an enemy or opponent)

2."I spit fire bars that shine, so my hotline bling... tell Vigi I got a better 16 for that Bang Out vid" - Maraza
(A play on Drake's joint Hotline Bling. Also subliminally saying he's got a verse that can top Nasty C's verse on Vigi's Bang Out)

1."My tracks way ahead of their time, that makes me the only rapper ezodl' imali ye-pension" - Sjava
(Ezodl' imali ye-pension loosely translated means, he'll be getting pension money. This is a very intricate way of saying he'll be getting royalties for his joints 20-30 years from now)

Check out the cyphers below:
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