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Top 5 Most Read Stories From Last Week On WWW.SlikOurOnLife.Co.Za

Welcome to another brand new week Onlifers. Hope you guys are safe and taking it easy as we come closer to the end of 2015.

If you are new to the site, welcome. Every Monday we chop up the top 5 stories from last week that had the most eyeballs (most views) and stories that got peeps talking on all of our platforms.

Well Lets get into it then. Peep the top 5 most visited stories from last week.

1. Why Denying @CassperNyovest The Hustler Of The Year Award AT SAHHA Undermines Every Independent Artist #SlikourOpinion

This is the number one story from last week. Slikour was expressing his opinion on why he felt Cassper was denied hustler of the year at 2015 SA Hip Hop awards. Osmic from SA Hip Hop Awards went on to comment on the story but read the story so you can read what he said.

Read it here

Its all love end of the day.

2. Video Of CassperNyovest Thanking The Fans And Tells The Naysayers At SAHHA To Eat A D#*K

Cassper was trending all of last week for his reactions at SA Hip Hop Awards. But when Cassper won on the night he went on to thank his fans and had a message for the naysayers.

Click here to hear what Cassper had to say to his haters

3. How Does Nadia_Nakai Really Feel About Being Excluded On The Baddest Remix And The Girls Featured

The third most visited story last week was the interview where Nadia expresses how she really feels about being left out of Baddest Remix.

Click here to hear how Nadia feels about being left out of AKA Baddest Remix

4. AKAworldwide Talks About Studio Preference,SAHottestList,Controversy And New Album

I always love it when AKA does interviews cause you never know what you going to get. You may get an AKA that wants to talk about music or you may get an AKA that wants to warn you about some dope super mega stuff thats coming your way in 2016.

Click here to watch what interview says to Dot Com about SA Hottest MC list x new album dropping in 2016

5. @EmteeTheHustla Touching Acceptance Speech After Winning Song Of The Year

Our last story that got the most eyeballs this week was Emtee Speech at SA Hip Hop Awards when he won best song of the year for roll up. The speech is really touching as Mtee talks about his come up and the things he had to do.

Click here to watch Mtee touching Speech after winning song of the year