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Top 5 Most Downloaded x Streamed SA Hip Hop Tracks From Last Week

Sup Onlifers. Damn last week was mad dope. AKA released x Cassper released and the streets are still buzzing with all the SAMA 22 nominations. Enough about that though cause you know we will be talking SAMA stuff in the next coming weeks. We here for the most downloaded x streamed tracks from last week. So do the right thing x peep our top 5 tracks that did the most last week.

P.S- all the tracks you are about to peep have moved last weeks top 5 out the charts. Meaning that there are no tracks from last week on this list. That's mad crazy.

Yours in culture

1.@CassperNyovest - #SuperEx [Cass Talks About BreakUp With Boity]

Last week Cassper gave us all the reasons why he broke up with Boity. Super Ex has all the answers and thats why its the most streamed and downloaded track from last week

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2.@ZakweSA ft Zola 7 & Zuluboy - Yesterday

Damn its dope to hear Zulu Boy x Zola making music again. I guess this is an all Durban affair. Who says vernacular rap aint popping off mayne?

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3.@OfficialTshego - Do The Most

This is Tsego's second release in 2016. This time homie is riding Solo on "Do The Most". If Tsego keeps dropping more music he may well be on his way to be the best newcomer in SA Hip Hop this year.

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4.@AKAworldwide x @ItsYangaChief - #DreamWork

We have been waiting for new AKA music for a minute now and #Dreamwork is that new heat by Doro. Featuring Yanga this track is a straight up smash.

5.@Laylizzy ft. @akaworldwide - Hello #HelloLaylizzy

Closing off our top 5 downloaded x streamed tracks for the week is AKA x Lay Lizzy. At first this track was only available for iTunes download (it still is) and Lay Lizzy's team wanted to thank us for the support we been showing Lay Lizzy and gave us the exclusive download from the site.

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