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Top 5 Most Downloaded x Played Tracks On From Last Week

1. @DuncanSkuvax ft @WTF_DBN Ngani - Sengilhleli

35322 total downloads thus far

Duncan x WTF are again the number one track in our top 5 most downloaded x played list. Will the homies from Durban be here again for our top 5 list for the month? We will announce the list on Tuesday.

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2.@YoungstaCPT x @StiloMagolide - #SleepIsForTheRich

14940 downloads thus far

Stilo x Youngin snatch the number two spot from Ifani x Chad who were our number two winners from last week. Well I guess thats just the way it goes.

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3.@ErickRush x @Nasty_CSA "SWOOSH"

3650 downloads thus far

Erik Rush x Nasty C come in swooshing on our top 5 most downloaded list. This track is major heat x I hope its here again next week.

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4. @Thusga ft @EmteeSA - I Guess You Never Know

3650 downloads thus far

Emtee x Thusga take the 4th spot for top played most tracks from last week. This track is turnt with 100% vernac.

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5. @USanele x @MashayabhuqeZA - Amabhodlela

3562 downloads downloads thus far

Sanele drops his first track for 2016 x he features his Boynzn MashayaBhuqe to the most on the hook. This is a dope track considering that the bottle culture is being spot about because #NGUDU

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