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Top 5 Downloaded Tracks @DjVigilanteSA @CassperNyovest @Carpo_Mr @RikyRickWorld @CitiLyts_DJ @OfficialTshego

Hi Onlifers. Welcome to a brand new week here at SOL. Thank you for trusting us as your daily fix for all things music. I got good news and bad news. The bad news is that only one track from last week made it to our top 5 streams x downloads. The good news is that we have four brand new tracks dropped last week which are on the list.

What you waiting for go get some of the latest tracks in SA Hip Hop after the jump.

1.@DjVigilanteSA ft @CassperNyovest @Carpo_Mr - Ayeye

I was fortunate to hear the conversations Slikour was having with CashTime manager Thabiso x he also showed me how many times Cassper x Vigi called him to make sure the track is released without any flaws, on the day "Ayeye" smashed our digital records. This track is not about records its about the unity in the game x how we all win if we work together.

Stream x download the most downloaded track from last week.

Click here to download

2.Riky Rick - FairFax

I love this new Riky Rick. He is more unapologetic x is putting everything behind his art form x music. I really think Rick may be the new leader in the game. Everything is going his way.

He dropped Fairfax with us exclusively x you can peep the video after the jump

Click here to peep it

3.@OfficialTshego ft @GeminiMajor x @CassperNyovest - Hennessy

Last weeks number 1 is now at number 3. But the same dude is still number 1. Damn Cass is having a monster 2016 x to think that he has been on Ngudu x Ayeye x will be on that new Major League is crazy mayne.

Click here to download

4.@Nomoozlie - Recipe

In at number 4 is Nomuzi with 'Recipe' released under her own label "Nomuzi Mabena" Music. Hows that for boss moves mayne. Well she has a recipe x lets see if its going to get here here again next week.

5.@CitiLytsDJ ft @Saudi[email protected]_ATM- Vura

Closing off last weeks top 5 streamed x downloaded tracks is Dj City Lights x Saudi x Sjava. The cats are all about that Vura which is a VR6 car that is all things powerful. Stream x download the track after the jump

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