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TOP 5 SA DJ's Who Could Pass Off As Artists

Hip Hop Dj's in this country have been putting in some serious work of late. This is a no brainer when you consider that they are the forefront of making people turn up in events across the country. Also gone are the days when a Dj is supposed to be stuck behind a table and just spinning records. Hip Hop Dj's in this country are carrying themselves like artists and dropping some dope music at that.

The interesting thing to note (reason why im writing this) is that there is a special breed of Dj's that have emerged who could pass off as artists.

Here are your Top 5 Dj's that could pass off as artists in no particular order


Speedsta in my opinion is one of those cats that carries himself as an artist. You would have seen in his videos he always wants to be doing things that SA Hip Hop mcs are doing. Whether its rapping, singing in tracks its hard to only see Speedsta as a DJ .. So would it not be dope if Speedsta gave us more raps in 2015? Also in terms of style the homie always gets it right.

TOP 5  SA DJ's Who Could Pass Off As Artists DJ Dimplez

Dimplez has done alot of great things in being the go to guy when it comes to winning with hip hop singles in South Africa
BaeCoupe which we dropped a few days ago on the site is currently a hot track thats sure to get peeps turnt in events across the country . As an artist Dimplez has done well to always let you know its him in every single he drops. His adlibs are always on point and energetic at the start of every record."ITS YOUR BOY DJ DIMPLEZ" always hits home and is dope that as a DJ he keeps using this in every single he drops.

TOP 5  SA DJ's Who Could Pass Off As Artists

Major League DJ's

The Twins. Major League DJ's that is are infusing a new sound in the game. New Age Kwaito goes hand in hand on why these two refuse to be seen as just normal Dj's in the game. SLYZA TSOTSI was dropped few days ago and its already clocking 100K views on YouTube. If you don't call that influence then i don't know what more you need to know cause they showing that Dj's can also hold their own with the best of them.
TOP 5  SA DJ's Who Could Pass Off As Artists MajorLeague Miss Cosmo

There was a funny joke doing the rounds that a SA hip hop video aint shit unless you got Miss Cosmo in it. With that being said Miss Cosmo not only as a DJ but as a radio DJ has done a dope job in showing making sure her narative on the airwaves is also on point. She carries herself like an artist cause of her deep insight into the game and how she has built this lane overtime. Now you prolly thinking if she should be dropping a record some day neh? Just like you i think this would be dope cause its what she has to do ..

TOP 5  SA DJ's Who Could Pass Off As Artists DJ Switch
Switch has been quietly putting in the work in the game. You may know of his Bboy background and how this made him well known in the game aside from his TV hustles. I think the transition from having these B-boy roots which are a part of hip hop makes sense in the music he's dropping. Watch out for Switch cause he seems to always get it right when dropping tracks and showing up as an artist in SA Hip Hop
TOP 5  SA DJ's Who Could Pass Off As Artists Dj Switch