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10 Things We Learned From @Akaworldwide x @SizweDhlomo #BehindTheStoryAKA

Last week Friday x Saturday Kieran Forbes AKA "AKA" sat down with Sizwe Dhlomo for an MTV Base exclusive on the #BehindTheStoryAKA.

When I saw this at first I thought this is going to be a dope interview. It kinda of reminded me of the time when Zane Lowe sat down with Kanye and they chopped up all things Yeezus and the life of Ye minus the crying. But back to AKA though. This exclusive MTV Base interview would reveal to me a few things we did not know about Young AKA x The Underdog AKA x The Doro AKA.

Peep the 10 things we learned from AKA's interview with Sizwe Dhlomo after the jump.


1. AKA made beats before writing rhymes

Who would have thought that AKA was a beat maker before making these raps. I guess there came a time in young Forbes' music career where he had to to start experimenting with rap more and he would gravitate to the mic like any artist would. I am very intrigued to hear the beats that AKA made in the the past. Can you imagine AKA beats in SA Hip Hop right now? Imagine if AKA was a beat maker in the game. Things would be very interesting you know.


2. Tibz introduced AKA to VthSeason

The journey of young Doro would change when he met Tibz. In the interview AKA says that Tibz was the one who introduced him to Vth Season which is AKA's current record label. If you recall from the interview AKA says that the Ivy League relationship did not continue as he was looking for a better situation and Ivy league felt that he would leave them as an artist in their stable anyway.


"IVY League came at the right time after Entity but at a later stage I had to move on as an artist and wanted to grow. The "I want it all music video x song got me out there the way it was supposed to do"


3.AKA is not a robot

When AKA said he is not a robot I chuckled abit. I mean can you imagine a Doro Robot? Okay moving along, what AKA was trying to say is that people do not understand that he is a human being just like you and me and sometime he says the wrong things on social media.


"You know at this point in time i am thinking that maybe I have showed you to much of my life on social media. Maybe I have cracked enough jokes now and its time to say things through my music"

4.The Media made him go public with Zinhle

Up until last year there were rumors that AKA was dating Zinhle but neither of them actually admitted this rumor. I remember the time AKA was in Mauritius last year and he was posting pics on how horrible the weather was that side. Zinhle was also in Mauritius but we never saw a pic of them together. Fast forward to late 2015 AKA and Zinhle officially went public but how did they really go public?


"When Zinhle fell pregnant I had to come out as the father of the child and this is when the media would use this content as part of their stories. The media would force its way into our lives and I had to do the right thing by saying that we are an item."


5. The only female in AKA's life now is Kairo

You know with so many stories of going around on who AKA is and what he has done he does not hide the fact that he loves his daughter. Through all the media frenzy and stories AKA has and will protect this part of this life just like any dad should.


"The only female in my life now is Kairo. In terms of looking for an ideal partner though they have to be smart, independent, articulate and ambitious. But I am not thinking about that now. I am just focused on my music"


6.Composure is an actual song not a diss record

As the interview moved along Sizwe eventually dealt with the big fluffy elephant in the room and asked AKA about the Composure record and why AKA decided to make this record.

"I made Composure cause I was sick and tired of tweeting. I wanted to take it back to the music, the art form of rap. The content in the song is stuff that is happening in my life and I decided to do all of this over a dope beat"

Watch AKA perform Composure for the first time by clicking this link

7. AKA admits to slapping Cassper

The second big fluffy elephant in the room was the alleged slap that got social media buzzing. When Sizwe asked this AKA said the following.


"I take full responsibility for the incident and i would like to apologize to my fans and Cassper's fans. It was in the heat of the moment"

8. AKA wanted to retire the SA flag cause people were celebrating when he lost at BET 2015 awards.

When AKA lost at the BET awards, he felt that South Africans were celebrating when he did not come back with an award. AKA goes onto say in the interview that he tweeted cause he felt disrespected and that we as 'South Africans' do not celebrate our own artists and we only celebrate them when they are dead.



Click here to see read about this story and how it unfolded

9. 'All Eyes On Me' Is A Pan African Song

There is no debate that All Eyes On Me is a smash and the joint has had a life of its own. In the interview AKA breaks down how this track came to fruition and how Burna Boy got onto the record.


"I always do things that make artistic sense. So when we did All Eyes On Me I wanted it to have a pan African presence. I appreciate how MTV plugged the song in the UK cause it was that type of record to plug. I was kicking it with Burna Boy for a few days and i thought he would do the song justice and he would be a dope fit on the record.


10. AKA says he is all about the music and wants to throw his own concerts.

At the end of the interview Sizwe asked AKA where to from here and what can people expect. I have watched many AKA interviews in the past and I knew the answer that was coming. I knew that AKA would remind us that he is an artist before anything else.


"Right now its all about the music. I want to be a better performing artist. I want to be better at performing live shows. Sure clubs are cool but I want to appeal to the continent and do more live gigs and even maybe throw my own concerts."

In closing these 10 points are the jist of what was chopped up in the interview. AKA is a special talent and with everything that is happening let us not forget that.

There was one final quote from AKA which paints the picture of an artist x father x individual who wants to do the best for SA Hip Hop and leave a legacy.

"When you say no to people, it lets them know what you are really about"

S/O MTV Base x AKA x Sizwe for the interview.