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Top 10 Qoutes From @AKAworldwide On @RealSway #SwayInTheMorning

Watch the whole interview over here

1.On Being Worldwide

The world is ready for a new story, the world is ready to hear what South Africa and Africa has got

2.AKA on Cassper Nyovest Beef:

I think we even forgot what it was really about. I think now in hindsight that I look back its probably cause we were too similar

3.Will You Ever Make A Song Together(Cassper Nyovest)

I dont want to force it, things need to be organic and when we do it we need to make a lot of bank from it. We got to find a way to commercialize but before we do it, it needs to be organic.

4. On biters.

If people were biting my style on a record hats off to them cause thats like saying you could play ball like Micheal Jordan or something.

5.On social issues in South African content

In South Africa you also got to realise that if you go too far with the politics there are political repercussions. We do have freedom speech just don't fuck with the government.

6.Social Media:

I'm not on Snapchat yet.I'm never going to be on Snapchat. I dont want people to see more cause Snapchat is really putting people on blast.

7.On using the word Nigga (Response to a caller who doesnt like him using the word Nigga cause he doesnt use Kaffir)

Im not here to sell music, I dont give a shit about selling music with the word Nigga.

8.Explaining how he hooked up with Bonang:

Basically we had known each other for a couple of years and I was in a relationship and some things happened and now we together. She had always known that I kind of dugged her and she liked me, and you know there was a lot of controversy back home with what happened with us being public figures and me being in a relationship at the time but you know what, I've apologised for my mistakes but you know what you have one life to live man if you love somebody, you feel it and you really want to give it a go, you should take a shot man. At the end of the day take a shot if you get a shot you got to shoot it. People get hurt in love but Im not the first man to do this.

9. On His Freestyle:

Not much to be said in my lyrics/
Now they got me sitting on the same chair as Tsibip/
Pardon me I just couldnt resist/

10. How Cassper Nyovest and AKA made peace.

We went to do a show and he got on a plane and he ended up sitting right next to me. This happened a couple of months ago. We kinda looked at each other and we were like you know what Im tired,you tired lets just see how we can let it pass. Then we went to the BET in LA and we just started talking, but don't get excited at home.