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#ThrowbackMotivation: @HipHopScholar On The Influence Of Hip Hop

"The only way you can speak to the youth today is through this thing of ours that we love called hip hop"

Spot on grootman! This is only three years ago when the glow of hip hop was gaining steady momentum and Thabiso Khathi, Hip Hop Scholar to us, had taken up management post in the Cashtime Life stable. Notice how he says, bringing business acumen to the game? We often forget that it's not just about the raps and with the influx of brands observing us of late, it's vital to know how to speak the language of margins, profit and return on investment. This short clip just reminded me of what another OG once said to me: "everybody wants to rap but nobody wants to handle the books." Man! Shout to all the hip hop administrators out there. The soldiers that ensure that careers are running, that spotlights are shone in the right direction and that the artists don't get themselves into deep trouble. Here's to the Hip Hop Scholars of yesterday, today and tomorrow. The guardians of hip hop.

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