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#ThrowbackMotivation: @DjSwitchSA On DJ's Uniting

What a relevant conversation that DJ Switch is having with DJ's Dimplez, Zan D and production crew Ganja Beatz. He's always been about unity and pulling the game together through collaboration and support. The DJ scene in the game has grown so much with DJ's churning some of the dopest collaborations, along with some new names growing and others breaking into the limelight too.

From winning the Best Mixtape for The Switch Up at the South African Hip Hop Awards (2014) to owning this year with his memorable #NowOrNever trilogy spawning an original with some of the best lyricists right now, he went on to orchestrate the remix with 12 rappers on it. As if that wasn't enough to keep us buzzing, he sealed it off with the female remix hosted by Ms Cosmo. With so many shifts in the game currently happening, it's always great to huddle up and celebrate the culture through the music because in the end this is what we do it for.

Watch him speak about unity right here.