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#ThrowbackMotivation: @ANATII x DJ Khaled

We take you back to 2014 when Anatii sent us into a frenzy over him working with our favourite music locksmith, DJ Khaled. We see them here rocking out to Bananaz, one of Anatii's international collabo singles. Fast forward to today, we caught up with him on the #BalconyInterview and he spoke to us about his international connects and how he even starts these conversations. His much anticipated debut album ARTIIFACT is out and he ain't messing with us. The #ARTIIFACTTour featuring Omarion is kicking off in Jo'burg on the 30th and heading out to Durban on the 2nd of October. Sexy chubby nigga has definitely come a long way!

Check the clip over here and stay tuned for part 2 of his #BalconyInterview dropping in an hour.