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#ThrowbackMotivation: Remember @DJDimplez #YayaChallenge? @DjMilkshake, @MsCosmoDj @Maezeedoesit

Do you ever look back at somethings you did in the past and ask yourself what the hell were you doing?
This might be one of those moments for these cats but no doubt this was probably the first local hip hop song that ran a challenge campaign. It was one hell of a success and further firmed Dj Dimplez place as a hit maker.
Isnt it crazy how so much has changed since then and how DreamTeam has evolved to a full album and Tell-A-Vision as Dash would say on his Vuzu inserts, while Trey is the new Coke Studio presenter and one of the facilitators. Dj Dimplez clout has further grown in the party scene and is one of the faces of Ciroc. Long story short if you persistent you keep growing. Stay Motivated.

Dj Milkshake


Dj Dimplez


The original video: