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#ColeTable Full Discussion: With @SizweDhlomo,@ReasonHD_, @Fred_Mercury1 #CastleLiteUnlocks

If you missed the 5 episodes of the Cole Table you can now watch the whole video.
It's a day before the concert and you might as well pick up some jewels from the Cole Table.
If you got your tickets we’ll see you there tomorrow lookout for our team on the ground.

Part 5

Favourite Part Of The Castle Lite Experience

Part 4

What is the one song that you would like to hear J Cole perform?

Part 3

Which local acts do you think would best compliment J Cole ?
Check out Part 3 of the Cole table.

Part 2

Why is it important to have local acts at any international event especially the Extra Cold Experience?
Peep the video to get all the answers on part 2 of the Cole Table

Part 1

Castle Lite is bringing J Cole to South Africa on the 18th of June so we have decided to unlock the man,the raps, the album and ofcourse what it means for him to come to our shores. Peep part one of our interview and keep it locked as we unlock more conversations with myself Sizwe,Reason and Fred. I might have some tickets to the Extra Cold Experience so keep watching cause I'll be asking questions on twitter extracted from the table.