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The Soundtrack For 2015 – Hottest Jams Of The Year Part 1 - @Mr_Mozzy

Here on Slikouronlife we always strive to give you the best content and we are not about to stop now. We’ve put together a playlist just for you that consists of songs that we believe played an important part in the 2015 SA hip hop soundtrack. Without a further ado, here’s part 1 the list:

  1. Aewon Wolf ft. Tribal – A Week Ago (prod. Sketchy Bongo)

Dear rappers, if you’re trying to add a summer anthem to your catalogue then understand that the key to success is a catchy AF melody! A Week Ago is case and point to this. But we’re here to talk about the soundtrack of 2015 and this song definitely deserves a mention. The bars are easy going and it’s a fun song to sing along to. Yes, even thugs sing along to dope records. As a matter of fact, the singing manages to overshadow the rapping on this one but I think we can all agree that it doesn’t take away from the dopeness of the song in general.

  1. L-Tido - Dlala Ka Yona (prod. Tweezy)

Obviously we have to talk about the song which its video damn near broke the internet. Produced by 2015 SAHHA winning producer Tweezy, Dlala Ka Yona hit the streets and everybody was pleased with L-Tido’s offering of a cool tune but when the video dropped and I think it’s safe to say that the “plot thickened” if you catch my drift. I couldn’t hide from the fact that the song sounds maaad inspired by Young Thug. From the ad libs to the hook this definitely sounds like a Thugga feature but I’m in no way trying to discredit L-Tido. The song is dope! Forget summer anthem, I would imagine this is an anthem for all the gentlemen’s clubs in SA as the video suggests.

  1. Nasty C - Juice Back (prod. Gemini Maejor)

Let’s talk about the golden boy aka the prodigal son aka the young MC Nasty C. Juice Back played the role of representing all the SA hip hop up and comers and made all the OG’s paid attention. So much so that Davido and Cassper Nyovest had to jump on the remix which is big talk. What’s even bigger talk is that some would dare say that Nasty C had the best verse on that joint but that’s neither here or there. This song was a very important track for 2015.

Download the remix with Cassper Nyovest and Davido over here

  1. Cassper Nyovest ft. Dj Drama & Anatii - Ghetto (prod. Anatii)

The funny thing about this joint is that it’s titled “Ghetto” but it didn’t reeeeeally make it as a hood anthem, like per say Doc Shebeleza was. Regardless, still a tough tune by one of SA’s biggest rappers right now and you can’t sneeze at the fact that it features a well-known international act.

  1. Dj Sliqe ft JR, Okmalumkoolkat & WTF - iLife (prod. Tweezy)

Man I really mess with this joint. This song has that feeling of living life with reckless abandoned and turning up to the max! Notice how the three features all approached the song with their unique different angles but the synergy works. This song was a MUST for any playlist in 2015. I really dug the video too. The post-apocalyptic war zone with Okmalumz coming through as the hero of the day was fresh. A far cry from the usual girls in the club dancing in front of champagne bottles video.

  1. Dj Capital ft Kwesta & Kyle Deutsch - What You Like

This song for me has the resonance to dominate a 5FM playlist. Kwesta no matter the context will always hold us down with the punchline riddled bars and shoutout to dude for that. This song is just another testimony in the prominence of SA hip hop DJ’s putting that work not only behind the decks but also in the studio, which in my opinion is a very good thing in growing the industry.

  1. Ricky Rick ft Cassper Nyovest & Anatii - Fuseg (prod. Anatii)

    This song came in on a flaming chariot of controversy. This was the reactionary back-handed slap to the faces of rivals and in general to all the bucket mouth haters. Anatii again showed us that he’s the go-to guy for beats and fire flame hooks. This was all complimented by a really great video which I think was a strong contender for video of the year.

  1. Kwesta - King Speech (prod. MakwaBeats)

Ok we’ve been having a lot of fun on our list but now it’s time to get serious with the bars! We all know Kwesta is good with the work but with this joint he was squashing any doubts in the minds of his detractors. We have been turning up on our 2015 playlist but let’s not neglect the lyrics.

  1. Major League Djz - Slyza Tsotsi (prod. Ricky Rick)

This was a great dance tune that most people didn’t get initially when it dropped. I think the confusion came from its inescapable kwaito sound. When Cassper dropped the video of himself dancing to it and challenged others to do similar, then the song caught traction. Major League brought together some of the industry heavy weights in the form of Ricky Rick, Okmalumkoolkat and of course Cassper Nyovest. This song’s significance lowkey lies in its shift of SA hip hop paradigm in that it signifies that we are a dancing nation, no matter the genre!

  1. Okmalumkoolkat - Spovagang (prod. The Good Dokta/ Kim Mapakisha (prod. Ganjabeats)

Okmalumz has cemented himself as the party time aka good vibes aka turnt up gawd of Braam and by now, the country. So it should come as no surprise that he gets a mention for two of his joints from his award winning 100K Macassette mixtape. Starting with Spovagang, the beat is authentically Okmalumkoolkat as he always does. I mean, nothing in the industry is sounding like this shandis. Kim Mapakisha 2.5 (Produced by Ganjabeats) is a little more laid back but carries that theme of bro’s chilling under the shade and a fly hun walks past but is too determined to brush of any advances made by young Casanovas. Both songs definitely should be on your playlist this summer and will make the perfect soundtracks for ebumnandini.

  1. AKA ft Burna Boy, Yanga & Khuli Chana - Baddest

This is a tough tough tune! First of all what gets you immediately is the melody. Now you don’t have to be the greatest of singers and neither is AKA but when this song comes on you will be belching out the lyrics like Pavarotti. Before this song I thought Yanga was just a behind the camera guy but he easily has the best verse on the song for me. And of course Burna Boy is gonna catch you by the fade with the melodies like that’s a given and Khuli, like an OG, comes along with that dope flow to end off what is an almost perfect song.

Next week we reveal the other half of the 2015 Soundtrack. Keep an eye out, but in the meantime feel free to let us know how you feel about the list so far and if you feel we might of missed out a track on our list..