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The Sobering Podcast Hosted By @javas_skolo and @fratpackmusic

Discussions about Hip Hop and various other subjects in the urban landscape are a common feature in most of our lives, some have even broken up friendships. Not all is lost though, because thanks to those discussions (and sometimes arguments) we now have a monthly podcast titled The Sobering co-hosted by Javas Skolo and Kitso Wa FRATPACK.

The Sobering focus on events occurring in the Hip Hop and the overall urban landscape, and at times even offering some advise. The podcast also helps introduce upcoming artists by way of spinning their songs in between talks. Without taking away too much from this podcast, which promises to be a breath of fresh air and opinions. Have a listen above and grab a free download of this episode on the links provided below. Watch out for the next episode on the first Monday of next month.