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The June 16 #UnderdogMixtape Is On The Way Hosted By @MsCosmoDj Peep The Artwork By @MshenguSMB

We about to get into the youth month and for June 16 MsCosmo and I will be dropping some of the dopest up and coming hip hop joints from our underdog day and her radio submissions.
Last year we dropped this and one of the mcees on it was an up and coming Nasty C so anything can happen.
The artwork was done by Wandile Mshengu from SMB shout out to him and this is what it represents.

The artwork is an abstract representation of the struggle of the youth of today in comparison to the youth of 1976. The focal point of the artwork are the two youths who are wearing gas masks with their fists raised in the air in protest. Unlike the youth of 1976 the youth of today are increasingly using Music, more especially Hip-Hop, to express themselves and fight against the status quo. The artwork shows how the youth of today are joining together using music ( represented by the microphones) as a means to unite and express themselves all the while wearing pink gas mask to protect themselves from their common enemy using creative means ( represented by the pink masks and trendy clothing as opposed to military colors).

The artwork depicts four figures from the renowned June 16 Hector Peterson picture to represent the 40 years since the iconic day. The colour green in the background as well a the palters depict how even though we have current issues of the past we are now free thanks to the sacrifice of the generations before ours. The whole image is suspended in the air to represent how our struggles are never fixed and always travel across time and space.