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The Guessing Game: Who Is Featuring Who On Their Upcoming Albums Or Songs:

Nowadays artists dont say much about their collaborations until the song is ready or released. One of the reasons I guess is to keep the surprise element, but with social media nothing is sacred unless its part of the artists plan. Peep the clues of the collaborations we probably should expect. If there is anyone we might of missed send us a link. Even the cops cant solve every mystery.

Ma E has made us aware that his album is dropping soon. He hasnt given a lot of information on who is involved with the project, he did drop this picture of himself and Emtee at the Raw X studios. So is Emtee a confirmed guest on Ghanda Ghanda or was this just a great picture they took?

We know the usual suspects in an AKA session are Tweezy and Master A Flat so it was interesting to see WTF at one of AKA's session. I guess they've taken JR place while he's busy with Clash Of The Choirs or was this just a visit to AKA crib?

Duncan is still working on his upcoming album Balaclava. He has been playing a lot short clips of the songs on his Instagram so it came as no suprise when he started dropping some images of the features. We guessing that we'll hear Kwesta and Cashtime newbie Sanmfusi on his album? Maybe?Surely? Time will tell.

Word is that Riky is working on his sophomore album. He hasn't said much about it but he keeps dropping new songs or hinting new music. Is Riky Rick acknowledging the new kid on the block Emtee and will we hear a track on the new Riky album? We'll wait and see but until then we'll say yes its going to happen. The universe heard us so lets see what happens now.

This could be the most exciting collaboration because the level of creativity WTF,Emtee and Gemini have could either make this the biggest hit or the biggest dud. After all when great minds come together great things happen or they dont. Sometimes a great mind is best when its on it own. Either way Im looking forward to hearing what this is going to sound like. Whats your guess?