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The Cipher - Episode 1

The Cipher is show dedicated to Hip Hop lovers. Brought to you by The Visual Architects, a Visual Production Firm, dedicated to unique projects.

The Cipher is a show, looking to shed light on young talented Rappers and Producers who live and breath Hip Hop. By giving them the opportunity to showcase their talent while discussing their love for the medium.

“Hip Hop is a movement that has taken over the world. Here in South Africa there’s a massive fan base dedicated to it. The industry, however, is still quite small for local independent artist, as new talent is shunned in the face of established artist.” ~ Vic Abdol, Producer/Editor of the Show

The Cipher was the brainchild of Khalid El-Jelailati, the Director/Producer of the show, who having worked with many young artist in the past on various projects, felt that there needed to be a way for them to at least have the chance to showcase their talent.

“Providing a platform for independent artists to explore their craft was the main focus for The Cipher. As an independent filmmaker myself I know how important it is to be given a platform.” ~ Khalid El-Jelailati, Director/Producer of the show

Hosted by Frank Marksy, a talented rapper, singer/songwriter, Guitarist, producer and recording artist, Frank Marksy, has been performing professionally for over a decade and has graced stages in South Africa and London.

For this pilot episode we brought in Sta-B a producer from the production house Sky Klinic, who provided by the eclectic beats. While Death Star, Lil D, Kid Platto and Lex Lafoy rounded out a very diverse and unique group of rappers that brought the show to life with their Ciphers.