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#onLifeThrowback : @OKMALUMKOOLKAT's Garden Freestyle

I must admit, I'm a part of the people that always wonder how OKMALUMKOOLKAT comes up with his rhymes. Throughout this video I was really trynna grasp what he was saying. With no luck, I still found it dope either way. Nobody can dispute the fact that Malums' flow is one of a kind. I wonder, did he start of as an organic rapper with the usual flow or has he always been unorthodox with his flow ?

Here's a 2010 throwback video of Malums freestyling in his garden just nje. Ontop of taking his time with the freestyle, which I now think that that may be the process he goes through when recording his hits, he does the coolest self-effects like playing with a fruit pretending to be "playing soccer" with it, using his hand ... yup. Everything he does looks so unorthodox.

It's Throwback Thursday, enjoy.