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Monday Feature: What SA Hip Hop Said Last Weekend @FrankCasino_ @Ginger_trill @Shane_Eagle @Nasty_CSA @CassperNyovest

I was surprised to not see any Valentine's Day tweets from some of our rappers. Like there were zero Valentine's Day mentions. But hey, this may all change on Tuesday. But in the meantime you can feast your eyeballs on what they did talk about this past weekend. So here
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Monday Feature: What SA Hip Hop Said Last Week @MAJORLEAGUEDJZ @JRafrika @rikyrickworld @ItsYangaChief @2freshLES @YungSwissPgp @akaworldwide

It's Monday which means it's time to read what your favorite MC was tweeting this past weekend. Most of the tweets are interesting but I reckon Da L.E.S takes this week's comment by just dropping an album with no announcement. Other rappers are still teasing us about their
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