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Top 5 Streamed x Downloaded Tracks From Last Week @ginger_trill @iam_ph @ItsYangaChief @Real_Tellaman

Welcome to our top 5 streams and downloads from last week. So how does this work? Every week our website robots count all the highest played and streamed tracks and we then give you the top 5 joints each week. Easy right? Yeah it's hella easy and super exciting. There
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Last Week Exclusive Interview Drops: @MrCashtime @KhuliChana @ScoopMakhatini @EJay_CPT @LadumaNgxokolo

@MrCashtime Addresses Kid X Departure, Nomoozlie & Social Media Trolls @KhuliChana Interview - He Talks The Absolut Deal, Travelling Africa, His Documentary & Music That's To Come Interview With Our August #UnderdogDay Winner - @Suavea_SA @ScoopMakhatini Intros International Designer Acknowledged By Beyonce @LadumaNgxokolo @EJay_CPT Interview - Sends Warning
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