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#MabalaNoiseWeek Breaking Bread With @SirGovner @Mabala_Noise CEO

Discuss why he felt the importance of investing in South African talent, his passion for wanting to elevate the entertainment industry. The harsh lessons he learned from Brenda Fassie's passing, and his desire of not seeing any other South African artists to ever die broke. He wanted to inflict change
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#MabalaNoiseWeek Watch @MajorLeagueDJz Interview - Talk About The Expansion Of Their Brand And Future Plans

We had a sit down with the Mbere twins better known as Major League Djz. They explained what the Mabala Noise deals means for them, including giving them the ability to have access on a global stage and the financial backing that comes with it. Creating sustainable jobs for their
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#MabalaNoiseWeek - @mbali_nks Chats To Us About Not Feeding Into The Rumours x The Mabala Noise Deal And More

The multi-talented Mbali Nkosi sat down with us to chat about her deal with Mabala Noise Entertainment. The disadvantage of our entertainment industry of not being able to pick and choose jobs. Reflecting on the period she was Thebi Seete's dancer, being behind the pen as a songwriter for some
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#MabalaNoiseWeek @ZakweSA - Talks To Us About Entering A New Era Of His Music Career

Zakwe talks to us about his transition from Native Rhymes to signing with Mabala Noise Entertainment. How he felt trying to go at it alone was taking steps backwards, and the freedom that comes with financial muscle. Reveals the collaboration he recently did with an international multi-platinum selling artist ...
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