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Full #BalconyInterview With @BlayzeENT - As We Get To Know Him Better: He Talks About Staying Ahead Of The Trends And More

We come full circle with Blayze, as he talks about how the game has transformed from not it only being about the music but business as well. How one has always have to be ahead of the trend/s, while maintaining your sound and identity, and how he got an
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#BalconyInterview With @BlayzeENT Part 2 - Talks Family x And Obstacles He Has Faced In The Industry

In Part 2 of the interview, Blayze gives us a sneak peak into his personal. How he cherish moments with his family, which are his inner circle. Sheds his 2 cents if SA Hip Hop is segregated, how he doesn't feel he needs vilify his interaction with other rappers/artists
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