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#BalconyInterview: Durban's @Breeze_SA x @inseezy x @MXsouthafrica On #TheIndependentTour

This is officially our last Balcony Interview of 2016 and what a fitting way to wrap up the year. It has undoubtedly been a strong year for the independent artist and this trio is testament that anything is possible with a little aggression in your push and of course creative
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#BalconyInterview Pt. 2: @StiloMagolide_ Tells Stories Of #TropicanaTour x Tropicana 2017 Plans

In the second part of our conversation with Stilo Magolide, we go deeper into the experience of being on tour. He talks to us about dodgy promoters, highlights of having a lasting impact on the audiences he interacts with as well as the slang he spontaneously comes up with on
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