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Stream x Download : @TumiMolekane "Too Long" Ft Tribal Produced By Ganja Beatz

Tumi kicks off 2016 with this surprise track titled "Too Long" with Tribal on the hook x its produced by Ganja beatz. The track is about Tumi reflecting on all the things that he has come up against x how he sees the game x how people easily get gassed up in hip hop. Tumi also mentions in the record that what keeps him going is his family.

"And What makes me tick tock not a swiss wrist watch. Just face timing with my cousin in the Swiss Alps and thats real ice"

When you first listen to the record you going to think its a re-capp of 2015 but you can squash that thought cause Tumi is addressing lots of things on "Too Long". Its low key provocative.

He has lines such as "They say I am not for the brothers and sisters I tell them its all relative" which Tumi opens up here on how people think he is not appealing to the brothers and sisters.

Another verse which made me jump up is "And Silly rappers wanna flex with the belt / But your whole style is bitten you just playing who said it the best"..

Download the track by clicking here

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