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Stream @Nelz_SA "Chasing" x Peep Our #OnlifeQNA By @Skinnygenes_TV

Nelz keeps it moving with the music x recently dropped "Chasing" last week.

Peep her explanation of the record "I am always up and chasing,chasing my dreams and chasing the financial freedom to live the lifestyle that I worked hard for. What I love about this track is you can play it anywhere, in the club,at work, wherever and it will still motivate you.With this song I am just encouraging every one that listens to the tune to get up and chase

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Hi Nelz. Please tell us about the song you recently dropped ?

hi, yeah I recently dropped #Chasing,a reminiscent of Panda by Desiigner. It's an easy choice to play when the turn-up is in need of a jumpstart,but basically this track is more like an address and the lyrics are an indication of my insane work-ethic, chasing the I'm making people listen to what I'm saying coz the beat is already somewhat familiar to them.

Why drop a single at this time?

I really felt the need to address some issues, especially to my 'former' label team members that had told me that my music is not good enough for them to invest in, so I dropped this after just as a message that 'whether you believe in it or not' I'll always be #Chasing MY dream that I strongly believe in. The time was not planned at all for this drop, I just wanted to get things off my chest and to the people.

What would you say makes this record different from the rest?

What makes this record different is that I am literally just speaking my mind and I was very much in my feelings when I wrote it coz I don't want anyone to stand in the way of me chasing my dreams. I literally did just one take when I recorded it, that was still highlighting the 'chase'. No time to stop and edit takes lol

Why release a bunch of singles. Is there a full length album on the way?

There is a Mixtape on the way...I also mention this in the 2nd verse of #Chasing.

Whats the name of the album?

I am still not a 100% sure about the name but for now I'm calling it 'All On My Ace'.

Any features?

I don't wanna reveal who right now but yeah I have features on the tape.

What's life like after the hustle?

The hustle never stopped for me, only difference is there's no cameras on me now 24/7 lol and I now have a lot more knowledge of how the music business works, but its still the same grind,the hunger never stopped.

Care to share any other tings with us?

Yes, Just want to thank everyone that has been supporting me this whole time and assure them that they'll love the mixtape!! I'm also shooting a documentary with 'Jack Daniels' that will be available very soon...

This DBN July weekend I'll be performing at:
-#TBOJulyPreParty on the 1st of July at Moyo (S/O to @trace_urban and @thabisoul )

-F-INK #MOAP on the 2nd of July (S/O to @Juniorlavie)

-Jack Daniels 'Sound City' (S/O to Jack Daniels)

Thank you very much for the platform @Slikouronlife.