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Stream & Download: @iFani_Haymani ft @ISHMIZA @Afrikanroots1 - Sijabulile

iFani has been on a self seeking journey to find his chi outside of music and everything else he has been doing. He left Engingeering for something he used to do as a matter of fun, music, and that kind of pressure on what he loves kinda detailed him.

Guess what? He's found "inner peace" and freedom and Sijabulile is the culmination of this. The story about this song goes beyond just what you hear. Apart from the fact that it was two separate songs from different artists until iFani was advised to mash up what Ishmael and Afrikan Roots had already done to the track with what he wanted to do. This is for his fans which he refers to as "she" and when he says "Sthandwa Sam", he talks to his people. Sijabulile is a love letter to his fans (her name is Reneilwe) to say that even though he may be off the radar, even though their attention may have shifted to other artists, they will always be together and will find each other again. So beautiful. It's also very different in terms of sound. Very cross over with some afro-house influence on it. Refreshing.

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