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Stream & Download: @Dj_Radix ft @Kimosabe_SA x @JRafrika - #25ToLife

Praise the music heavens! How much of an overdose are Kimosabe and JR on one song? Weeeh! DJ Radix has another sexy number for the ladies, and I know the fellas can vibe to this one in the club too. This is that perfect windows down, wind in your hair and speakers on blast road tripping soundtrack. In another scenario, bodies in slow motion on the dance floor. I will leave it here! DJ Radix has formidable judgement with these tracks I say. From that unforgettable Pretty Black Rose to Sweet Escape, I think we can affirm that he indeed got that furnace stashed in his studio! I just can't over how dope this joint is. Consistency is key!

Stream it over here:

Download 25 To Life here