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Stream & Download: @BigStar_Live x @Zoocci_CokeDope - Just 2 Flex

Bless these stars for their generousity. We saw Zooci Coke Dope and Big Star lacing this joint in studio a while back and now it's finally done. No one was added to the track after all 'cause between the two of them there's enough fire to go around.

Just 2 Flex is a dope song of courage but it's done is such a way that there's a sense of pride and well, absolute flexing. From a short opener on season 2 of Vuzu Hustle to the soundtrack of a hustler long gone from where they used be back when they were being dissed, Just 2 Flex is the perfect backdrop for your strides. Count me in the flex tu!

Stream it over here:

Download it over here