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Stream: @ByLwansta - Your Absolutely Right EP

The "Your Absolutely Right EP" serves as the 8th musical project, and 2nd official musical release by South African Hip Hop artist, ByLwansta.

ByLwansta finds himself faced/tasked with the duties of a young adult, which requires very mature decisions such as identifying with right and wrong. More specifically, ByLwansta identifies and challenges the idea of conforming, particularly in music, to a specific and popular format and formula for a successful music career.

He finds himself often challenging what has been considered a "working formula" for how to get "into the game" by neglecting the popular style and known formula for such, in favour of one that isn't very style specific, but rather what he wants and only what he wants to do.

ByLwansta tackles the mood at hand using a style he's very popularly known for, in an aggressive and brutally honest manner, a style he established himself with on earlier works such 2014's "NORMVL" Mixtape. Stream the project after the jump...