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Stream And Download: Ganja Beatz Present @H_GanjaBeatz - Loving These Beats

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"As Producers Ganja Beatz have worked with the very best in the industry from both of Cassper's Albums to Dj Switch's Mixtape, Riky's album, Kwesta's album and everthing in between. So now as Artists its time for their own music. And the forefront of it all is GNJZ, who has worked with Switch, HHP, iFani, Reason, Riky Rick, Cassper, Maggz and various other artists, providing hooks, writing and he has decided to drop his very 1st single The route he has taken has a mix of different sounds and genres mainly Hip Hop, Pop, EDM and Trap.
The song was written for his wife whom he got married to recently,
This is that new wave love song thats trippy and vibes"