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Stream And Download: @DotCom_ SA Love & Liquor Mixtape

The Prince of Thug n B has delivered the best music medication in the form of the 'Love & Liquor Mixtape". This is the prescribe dosages we advice you to consume of the tape.

When coming down with the symptom the world is against you. Play Hustlers Prayer 2 times a day

For 4 Play "Legs Up" and "Lay You Down", take it 2 times a day and repeat dosage of the tracks.

Whenever your person is trippin about the social media attention, and before they go on some "go to your Twitter hoes". I prescribe "Amanda Skit"

"Too Many Girls" and "Phola" for the vaarbs, repeat the dosage daily, take 4 times a day. And BoomBap Back and Bang for meditating.

Love & Liquor goes in, stream and download after the jump...