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Why I Want To Help South Africa With Education And Why We Need To #SOSsqaured -Save.Ourselves/SchoolOurSelves

Lord knows that I'm blessed beyond belief but my past is no reflection of my present. I'm one in a million from the hood that never had the money to continue their tertiary education. Without a real education you cant live the life of your dreams so I had two options; the streets or teach myself business. Everyday I'm learning but I'm always haunted by these question:

If I went to a business, entrepreneurial school how big would my empire be and how many people would I be helping with employment?

The kids that grow in families with business education what do they know that i dont.?

Am I doing the right thing and since they aren't many self made black entrepreneurs who do I turn to for advise?

I'm blessed but I dont wish this for anyone else that has ambition that will only be hindered by school fees. Hence I figured I could apply my little entrepreneurial skills to make a difference. I have a vision that Boston Media House supports and now everything else is on us that want to see ourselves leading this economy.

We’ve all heard the racist remarks, we’ve retweeted posts and made calls on radio. How about we prove to ourselves that we can build our own institutions in 2016 and beyond. Its been said we were once kings and queens, that we built pyramids and were mathematicians and astrologists. We more than trending posts of justification on social media; yet to be kings, queens, astrologists, mathematicians, scientists and leaders of our economy again we need to start from the bottom and prepare ourselves for a long journey. We need to be the generation that starts this economic revolution and it is not going to happen with hashtags or constant justifications of our place in this country.
I’ve started a platform that we can all own as South Africans to help educate the minds that are hindered by a lack of education. The power in this is not the education it's all of us UNITING for a common cause. It’s all of us agreeing that we are MAKING change which is different from our current tweets that agree that we WANT change.
If you want to be a part of this revolution please click here and let’s MAKE change. Let the story of South Africa be written by us and not international media or critics. The new struggle is of the mind; how you react to this will determine whether you've been defeated or if you are a fighter. Aluta Continua!!!!!
Click here to see how you can get involved.