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Some Of The Most Defining Boss Moves From Artists In 2015

2015 is done and dusted but we have to applaud some of the most career defining moves from some artists who were able to either grow their brands, grow their fanbase or maintain their market by using smart tactics. After all nothing is new under the sun but how its how you play under the sun that makes you stand out from everyone else.
Check out the list:

L-Tido Turning Lemons To Lemonade

alt When L-Tido dropped Dlala Ka Yona in May the single was received well but three months down the line there was so much music released one would of forgotten it. L-Tido not only dropped a video then but featured Pulane and all her assets. When L-Tido Dlala Ka Yona played you know had a perfect visual of what you'd like to work with. Dlala Ka Yona reached a whole new market of thirsty cats and curious kittens and the fact that it was a dope song from the jump helped it blow up in the festive. This was great planning from L-Tido but just when we thought the tricks were done he fell of stage at Maftown Heights. Instead of acting super cool and arrogant about it he actually posted the video first on Instagram and made fun of himself riding on the Drake and Future single Jumpman. He even tried to start a Jumpman campaign on Insta. L-Tido gets the 2015 "turning lemons to lemonades awards for all his boss moves.

Riky Rick - Sell That Sht Myself


Ricky wasnt showing up on the Musica charts like all the other artists that went Gold so he took matters into his own hands. He printed his own cds and start selling them himself at his shows until he was able to go Gold. This is a boss move of note considering the fact that most artists want to turn up after they perform. Riky proved that one doesnt have to be on the Musica charts to go gold sometimes you have to do it yourself.

KO - The Lable Exec

alt KO had a solid year even though he released his Skhanda Republic album in 2014. He went to Europe and his album went Platinum. Instead of chilling and being complacent he stuck to the script and kept promoting Skhanda Republic with new videos from the album. His label was also responsible for launching Nomoozie as a rapper and based on the success we've seen one cant deny that whoever thought of signing her was a boss indeed. 2015 also saw the label he owns drop singles from Maggz,Ma-E,Dj Vigi and the Kid X mixtape. Ok maybe KO is just a boss that moves.

BETRGANG - The E Commerce Gurus


BETRGANG Buks and Solo came with the ultimate independent artist idea. They released their album and took a different approach when selling it. They allowed their fans to donate any amount they want to purchase the album. In a day they made more than two thousand rand. Thats not bad at all for a new band. BETRGANG not only had a dope album but they also had an innovative way to reach their true fans.Their approach to selling inspired our Onlife Store. This is obviously my personal favourite boss move.

Nomuzi - Weight On Her Shoulders


Nomuzi Mabena had a really tough year and I mean this in a good way. You see Nomuzi found herself in a tough situation where no one believes that she can rap and that she is already in the industry so rapping should not be her thing. The pressure Nomuzi faced was being part of a roster of artists that are established and have serious miles on their clock. Combined CashTime life artists and management have about 15 years plus in the game. So for Nomuzi she did not only have to prove to you that she can rap but she had to prove it to her label mates. She had a boss year by going hard on every record that she dropped or featured in. Pasop was a career defining track for the Skhanda Queen where she held her own against KO, Kid X , MA-E and Maggz. Now thats a boss move.

Aewon Wolf x Wolf Pack - Moving Like Established Artists


The Wolf Pack in my opinion were the only unestablished group in this whole list who got a brand that believes in what they doing to be part of their campaign. Lord knows that brands these days do anything to be relevant or cool but Cell C really hit the nail with their "Mega Data" campaign with the Wolf Pack. The group moved in 2015 like they were established artists and gave us smashes across the board. I mean think about it how many people can say that they got a 360 campaign with a telco? Thats so boss.

OkMalumKoolKat - More Stamps On The Passport


Even though we already know there have been a lot of local hip hop artists travelling the world Okmalumkoolkat has proven that he is no stranger to the European market. He had a fullout tour last year from the end of November to mid December. Okmalumkoolkat's overseas relationships has not only allowed him to tour often but he also has an international label that releases his music. I think its fair to say besides Tumi Okmalumkoolkat is the only international rap star of this generation and thats boss.

DjSpeedsta - Dj Turned Rockstar

alt Speedsta has had a great year from being "another" dj that drops singles to getting a slot on YFM, releasing a full mixtape and building a relationship with Rick Ross's Rose' the one with a black bottle. In less than 12 months Speedsta has gone from being an up and coming to a popular mainstream Dj. That hustle is boss.

CassperNyovest- Money Aint A Problem

alt Need I say more? #FillUpTheDome and strategically selling 20k albums on the day of the event,the MTN Deal and as we speak his designing his own phone with AG Cellular. We dont know what his going to do next but its clear that you cant stop his go.

Nasty C x Emtee - Playing In The Park Without Starting Beef


Nasty C and Emtee could have easily beefed in 2015. But these two youngins stayed away from AKA and Cassper's beef even though they each sided with these two big artists and dropped the two biggest tracks in their careers thus far. The boss move here is not getting caught up and sticking to the music. I mean have you heard that "Winning' track on Emtee's album that was recorded straight after Cantare? Sheeeesh

MajorLeague:Most Hated To Most Loved

alt When Slyza Tsotsi dropped it was met with a lot of negative criticism. This song went from the most hated to an anthem that ended up being used by KFC . How did it happen? Well the genius of creating the Slyza Tsotsi viral video that Cassper Nyovest initiated was the remedy that made the song hit. Every celebrity created their own version of the Slyza Tsotsi and before we knew the song was accepted. Whether you like the song or not you cant deny that the gents found a way to make this song an anthem. Whether this was intentional or accidental its still stands out as a 2015 boss move.

AKA - Raising The Flag


What would 2015 be without AKA? AKA never released a lot of music last year until the last quarter but in the first three quarters of 2015 he probably was the first artist to be consistent in his representation of South African hip hop to the world. With numerous trips to Nigeria and other African countries,being the first to hit Tim Westwood opening up the lane for KO and Cassper Nyovest, then being nominated for so many international awards and of course his controversial tweets. Whether its been his on and off beef with Cassper,or his music one can probably say South Africa has been perceived as the leading hip hop country in Africa mostly cause of his efforts.

If you feel we miss out on a boss move please call us out in the comments section.