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#SlikourOnLife Top 10 Stories According To Our 5 Million Page Views

Continuing our theme of using our analytics (5 Million Page Views for 2015) we now bring you the top 10 stories on SlikourOnLife in 2015. The interesting part about this piece is that we covered a lot of content from beefs, to controversial statements, diss tracks and reactions from social media and everything you can think of. So the top stories vary in this regard but social media did dominate this years top stories on the site.

Peep the Top 10 Stories after the jump.

1. Twitter Reacts To Bongani Fassie's Diss Song


Bongani Fassie takes the crown for having the most viewed story on the site in 2015. He dropped stretcher calling out a few cats including us at SOL. But what happened after that huh? Bongs is mad talented and we hope he comes with less controversial music.

Click here to see some of the Twitter reactions. They are really really funny I promise you

2. #SlikourOnLifeOpinion @RealBlackCoffee VS @AKAworldwide,Local Hip Hop Artists?


This story really did the rounds hey. It all started with a tweet that Black Coffee sent out on SA artists needing to do real hip hop or something like that. AKA responded and then everybody spoke about this story. But here at SlikourOnlife we always take the side of the artists with in reason and this is what Slikour had to say in regards to the story. The cool part is that peace was restored and everyone is cool now.
Click here to read Slikour's opinion

3. Cassper Nyovest Alleged Response to AKA's #Composure on Factory78


What would SA Hip hop be without Cassper and AKA making news. Yes you guessed it the third top story in 2015 is the alleged response to composure. This was really an 'alleged' track cause we know what dust to dust was about right?
Click here to hear the alleged response

4. Anatii Management Responds To #Composure AKA Allegedly Used Beat Without Their Consent


The Saga never ends. AKA was very afraid to say that he took Anatti's beat as he refused to pay 80K for it and would then put it on Datafile and get the streets on smash. Yes this all happened and Anatti's management was not to happy about this.
Click here to hear read the response from Anatti's management regarding the stolen beat

5. Top 10 SA Hip Hop Verses For 2015 According To @TumiMolekane


Tumi dropped his top 10 list for hottest verses of the year. Tumi really though this through as he even had a criteria which state that the tracks had to released this year (2015) and it must be longer but no shorter than 8 bars
Click here to see who made it to Tumis list

6. What Went Behind #FillUpTheDome, Exclusive Interview With @CassperNyovest Manager @BridgeBossTlee


We were the only media allowed backstage at FillUpTheDome and did our bit to cover the pre video content with interviews with Cassper days before he filled up the dome. But in every rap crew are cats that are behind the scenes doing their bit to make the machine work. One such dude is TLee who has been with Cassper since day one. The top 6 story for slikouronlife in 2015 is the convo we had with TLee on what went behind fill up the dome.

Click here watch the exclusive interview

7. @ReddsSA Official Response To Claims Of Buying @iFani_Haymani's Album


Lots of cats went Gold in 2015. IFani made it his goal to go gold in one day and he did this but it was not all rosy as peeps were calling him out on how he went gold. Enter Redds into the picture. They were also allegedly part of the saga by being accused of purchasing Ifani's albums.

Click here to read the response

8. Social Media Reacts To @Rikyrickworld #SayMyName


Rick was caught in between the AKA and Cassper Nyovest Beef. But Rick has openly admitted that he does not want these cats to beef because there is a bigger purpose we all should be advocating within the music. So when Rick dropped 'Say My Name" social media erupted and thought this was the response to composure.

Click here to see the social media reactions to Ricky Rick Say My Name

9. @KwestaDaKar Talks Being Underrated His Features With Cassper And AKA


I recently copped Kwesta Dakar II and its really growing on me. I think Kwesta will really bring it in 2015 as soon as disk 2 drops and i can't wait to hear the AKA and Cassper Nyovest records. But the story here is how Kwesta feels about being underrated and overlooked in the game.

Watch the interview below where Kwesta talks all about these things and more

10. Why Zola Never Featured On BlakzRFoolz When I Gave Him A Call


Closing off our top 10 stories is this Zola story on why he never featured on Slikour's "Blacks Are Fools" record. Zola in the interview explains why he did not take part in the track and more. This video is really special if you listen to what is being really said.

Watch the interview below

This concludes the top 10 stories of the year on SlikourOnLife. Its been an amazing year for SA Hip Hop and 2016 promises to be even better. As i write this I am about to hit the beach and go for a swim. Incase you were wondering.

Thank you for riding with us