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SlikourOnLife Documentary: Brands Doing Dope S! #BDDS

"Who's story are you telling? And if you don't have a story, who's story are you amplifying with your media platform?"

Important questions posed to the culture about the ownership of our narrative. Brands Doing Dope Sh!t seeks to open up our perspective on the endless possibilities of collaborative brand and artist relationships. Hip hop has grown so much that finally the corporates are listening, watching and want in on our influence. However, what are we doing as a culture to ensure that our own involvement in such relationships is not simply for momentary gain but for sustainable and impactful results? This documentary shows the perfect marriage between the culture, preserving creative freedom and building with both hands from either side of the relationship. There is a need for partnership and not hand outs that are merely accepted by one party without question. Brands Doing Dope Sh!t is simply the start of a conversation about how we can co-exist. How those with resources can interact beneficially with those with the influence and creative. Let the media, artists, brands, gatekeepers, influencers and the supporters come together to discuss how we can elevate the culture proactively and sustainably to the benefit of every man involved.

Here's one example of Brands Doing Dope Sh!t: