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@Slikouron Talks Skwatta Kamp x Almost Meeting Jay Z On @DJCapital90 x "The Capital Rap Up" On @CliffCentralCom

"I never got into Hip Hop.I made hip hop. I was with a team that made hip hop. I did it because its all I knew"

"We were supposed to have a meeting with Jay Z x Kevin Liles back in the days. The big thing when they looked at us (Swatta) they were like you guys don't own anything. They said we want to build something but if you guys do not own the channels, stations then its hard"

Yesterday Slikour was on Dj Capital's "The Capital Rap Up". During the podcast Slikour chopped it up with Cap on Slikour the rapper, his early days of how they built a marketing plan as Skwatta Kamp, Slikour the business man and more. Siya also goes on to talk about how he is the future x SlikourOnLife and what is currently going down.

I will try and be diplomatic here but this is the one time you going too hear Slikour talk about all the things that have influenced him in developing SlikourOnlife which in 2015 had 5 million page views. You never going to hear dude talk so openly about the stuff thats going on.

Here are some of the gems that Slikour dropped on business x black pride x hard work that builds.

"I have created my own space in this place"

"I am always going against the grain and starting businesses from ground zero"

"Remember there was no door open for Skwatta Kamp back then. Its not like the world you guys are in right now. For you guys it all about are you going to do it or not? Thats the different about making it or not today"

"Even what I am doing right now big companies would like to have these audiences from slikouronlife. People may have 1 million followers on Twitter and Facebook but who owns it? Who owns your million followers?"

"SlikourONLife is talking to who it needs to talk to. Its the same thing that happened with Skwatta Kamp we were talking to who we were supposed to.When Gallo woke up the whole coporate world caught up"

"I remember the day I shot the blacks are fools video. I prayed but I was disappointed because as a musician and a messenger our job is to open peoples eyes. Some People were agreeing and after the song nothing was done.

"I have this initiative called Save Our Selves By Schooling OurSelves where you can donate anything from R10 to R500 and if we raise R20 OOO to take one kid to school Boston City Campus will match that and we can take two kids. I am speaking to a whole lot of personalities to get it running.

"We were supposed to have a meeting with Jay Z x Kevin Liles back in the days. The big things they looked at about us (Skwatta) was whether we own anything. They wanted to build something bigger than one music group but we didn't own the channels, stations, or stores so its hard to do any business"

"If you want to break overseas then you need to go struggle overseas"

"I have a full album but not sure if i am going to release it. I am always writing but may just drop a 4 track EP"

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