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#SlikourAsks - Top 7 SA Hip Hop Artists That Have The Coolest Adlibs

The art of ad-libs really fascinates me. Traditionally ad-libs are recorded once an artist has finished his or her verse and they go back in the booth adding a few signifiers to the verses to make the final product pop. I would love to be a fly in the wall or in this case in the booth when AKA or KO are recording their ad-libs. I mean can you imagine the facial gestures and the delivery when the perfect ad-lib is placed over a crisp mic? Can you imagine K.O finding the perfect "Nooooor" then calling it a night? Can you imagine Okmalumkoolkat digging deep to find the most "Ishuuuuuuu" in the game. These are all the things I ask myself when listening to the music.

Before I begin sharing with you our top 7 coolest ad-lib list in SA Hip Hop I would like to send a special shout out to Emtee who without knowing sparked this idea. "Avery' the album is littered with some of the most crisp and coolest ad-libs in 2015.

Here are the Top 7 SA Hip Hop artists with the coolest ad-libs


It would be an injustice if I did this without mentioning the most quoted ad-lib king in SA Hip Hop. KO has a bank of ad-libs in his arsenal and you never know when he will pull it out on a record. "Noooooor" has to be framed in the hall of fame of SA Hip Hop ad-libs after this post. Can someone make this happen please?

Da L.E.S

When I think of Da L.E.S adlib game I imagine a stripper scene with dollar bills floating in the air, tigers roaring in the background and champagne smears on a misty window scene. Mind you this is all happening in the booth so let's loose the tigers cause thats's just weird but you get where I'm going with this. Da L.E.S' ad-lib game is all pure luxury and they are so cool and I am not ashamed to be a fan. Da L.E.S understands the value of an ad-lib and i think he has so much fun recording them


Out of all the cats on this list Smiso is the one cool cat who is knocking these vernac adlibs from Bonela to Australia in an effortless manner. Don't forget that Okmalumkoolkat grew up listening to Ukhozi FM and is a fan of satire which was the way Ukhozi Fm dj'S presented their shows so ad-libs come easy for dude. Uyamazi uKansas City?

Khuli Chana

Khuli Chana the Motswako originator is the elder statesman in this list and has lead the Motswako movement with his ad-libs since day one. I have also heard him switch his ad-lib game up but he stays being Khuli and I aint complaining.


Low key I rate AKA has the most thought out ad-libs in the game. I seriously think that Doro thinks about the feeling he puts out everytime he drops an ad-lib on us. On Emtee's Roll Up remix he has the coolest ad-libs coming out of 2015 in my opinion. Let me stop here before I start talking about tigers and stripper scenes again.

Riky Rick

Please listen to 'Fuseg' and tell me that Ricky does not have the coolest ad-libs in the game. I mean sheeshhh Ricky's style on ad-libs varies from record to record. Sometimes he can come across as open or just straight up G.


You may not like the way EMtee tweets but please don't hate on the music. This is the youngest dude on the list and trust me when I say Emtee thinks of everything you hear when you listen to his music. I have no proof of this but if you listen to an Emtee track the mood moves from a to b to c all in a consistent manner. I also think that Emtee does not do ad-libs he just records songs.

If you reading this then its too late up till this point you can call me out in the comments section if you have anyone who you feel should be on the list.