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Send Us Your Coldest Bars And Stand A Chance To Win R3K #SmartIceCore

They've been so many radio friendly tracks I sometimes wonder if there are any more real spitters out there. In order to find some I'd like y'all to submit a 32 bar video or verse on any beat. We'll post up the best on the site and get people to vote for their favourite spitter. The dude with the most votes gets 3k and if you vote you also stand a chance to win a Smart Ice Core courtesy of Castle Lite. So whats a Smart Ice Core you ask? The Smart Ice Core is an extension of the Castle Lite Ice Core Product, that will now tell people how cold their Ice Core is, indicating that their beer is either too warm or ready for consumption at an ‘extra cold’ temperature. *Please note that (-10 degrees is just an example)
In other words you have a cooler box that tells you how cold your Castle Lite is.
Please make sure to leave a comment when you vote so we can get you into our draw.

If you want to send you bars click here to get the email address. Competition closes at 00:00 on the 28th of January. Then the voting starts.