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Salutas To @YoungstaCPT For #HealTheSchoolsTour

If you've ever met Youngsta, you'll agree with me when I say he's one of the most down to earth dudes in the game. The contrast between his raps and his persona always baffles me. He's put that down to the environment he grew up in and that's why I'm not too surprised to see him embark on such a course.

Youngsta's Y?GEN teamed up with Emile from the legendary Black Noise crew to embark on a school tour with his organization, Heal the Hood, to spread words of wisdom through hip hop and encourage the youth to become young activists in their communities. The campaign has seen them visit over 10 schools over the course of two weeks, with the aim of recruiting 1000 activists to champion their cause. A more conscious display from a culture that has been at the receiving end of criticism for the role it supposedly plays in the moral degeneration of society. A big shout out to Youngsta from the SOL team for representing hip hop in such a positive way and giving back to the community that has helped propel him to where he is today.

Peep some snaps from the tour.