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@mr_mozzy Gives His Opinion On #SAHottestMC2016 - Grootman Of The Game

The other day while I was pretending to be a corpse on my couch when K.O’s “One Time” video came on and it really started to churn some thoughts.
The South African hip hop scene is shifting on a yearly basis and it never looks the same for extended periods of time. Relevancy is the currency and artists are cash-strapped. A hot song can purchase you a fleeting moment in the spotlight, a hot album maybe a month. In this volatile environment the cream will always rise to the top and discerning fans will critically analyse the artists on show.
It’s nearing that time when we will be crowning this year’s SA top MC and friends will become foes, allies will become nemesis and yo’ mamma will kick you out of the house over debates on who they think should take the top spot. The incumbent top MC, K.O., is facing a tough battle to retain his title but the Caracara smash hit maker has the minerals to fight his fight. K.O. is not the best lyrically, most will argue that Kwesta has been dealing us hefty bars with the smartest word play at a more consistent rate. K.O. is not the most innovative either as Okmalumkoolkat is leading the pack and breaking ground on things never before explored in the game. K.O. isn’t even the most dabbed-out (dab is the new word for swag in case you’re not in the know) as this category is contentiously battled for by all artists across the industry.

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But where K.O. makes his mark is the consistency as an all-round artist. By now I’m sure you’re thinking that this is an endorsement proudly paid for by the people of K.O. but nah chill.
K.O. has reached the grootman status of the game.
He’s fashioned himself into a respectable figure and because of his consistency, he’s akin to a north star for when we need a little direction. His latest offering “One Time” is an example of his effortless execution and catchy melodies. There are a lot of big names in the game right now killing it in their own different lanes but none are as complete from a fully-packaged-artist perspective as the bro K.O.
I’m not saying that K.O. will be crowned top MC for the second year running but he’s a serious contender and if you haven’t gathered by now, is my favourite SA MC. Many will obviously disagree with my sentiments but let’s have the conversation and see who comes out tops.
Twitter: @mr_mozzy