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@Mr_Mozzy SAHHA Are Finally Here - Part 3

They are finally here. This coming Wednesday we crown the kings and queens of the rap game at the 2015 South African Hip Hop Awards (SAHHA).

In part 1 and 2 of the South African Hip Hop Awards series, I had a look at some prevailing features of the awards ceremony that were both positive and negative. I also made judgments on the moves made by artists that had an impact on the game as a whole. The biggest waves however will be made by the outcome of each award winner as they take the plaudits of a nation for an entire years’ worth of effort and grit.

Last week I dissected the Mixtape of the Year category. I shared sentiments of the system and the way nominees are selected might have flaws and that the category was failing to serve its true purpose. One of the nominees that for me immediately spring boards off that list is Dj Dimplez who was nominated for his project Zeal. Dimplez himself shared his confusion (tweet below) as to why his project which he put together as an album, is nominated for best mixtape of the year. A flaw in the system that artists are frustrated about. Let’s hope that The Ritual Media Group (people behind the awards) will take note and rectify in future.

On the other side of the spectrum, Nasty C has come up akin to the prodigal son arriving to claim the throne. Having created a noteworthy buzz down in Durban, most of us were introduced to the fire flame spitting mc when he won SlikourOnlife’s #UnderDogDay. However by then he had already accomplished gaining the attention of some of the more established rappers in the game. In what seems to be break-neck speed turn of events, Nasty C now finds himself a nominee of the 2015 SAHHA. This is a perfect case study for us to see exactly how the SAHHA platform can use it’s prowess to help the up and coming artists for the benefit of the industry as a whole. Should Nasty C win his category, it will be interesting to take note of his career trajectory from then onward.

I for one plan on being at the events to witness first-hand what I hope will be an epic night where we will celebrate the people who sacrifice their entire lives just to keep you and I entertained. I hope the best artists are rewarded and that the SAHHA platform continues to feed the industry/ culture that we so love.