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SA Hip Hop Calls Out @Nasty_CSA

There comes a time in every content creators journey when you witness something happening before your very eyes that it becomes impossible not to share with the rest of the world.

SA Hip Hop has a funny way of working out x breaking artists. Things happen way before blogs, websites picks up news or when an artist has broken to the mainstream. These things happen way before underdogs trend on Twitter x way before they grace music award shows and all that other fancy stuff that takes the purity out of our art.

As a content creator I have an approach to discovering how artists break into the industry. I do my research when the lights are off. I research when there is darkness to an artist when nobody knows who they are and what they are about. I do my research on artists that show potential way before they reach mainstream status. This approach has worked for me as its less cool, less in your face and i tend to hoard all the information and then share it when the artist has broken out or is about to break in the industry. After that i move on and leave that artist because they are of the world now. You may call that a weird approach to finding new talent but i assure you its worked for me in the past.

I know i am rambling at this point and creating suspense on what this is all about. To save you time please go to the end of this article and look at the images.

Cool now you back from looking at the images. At this point you know I am talking about Nasty C.

Here is the story of Nasty C.

I remember we ran UnderdogDay couple of months ago x many homies were hitting us up saying put Nasty C for UnderDogDay. Slikour and I finally gave in cause homey had mad bars x dope flow and his stories were captivating.


Weeks went by and we kept it moving. Nasty C would go on to win underdog day that very week. When this happened I phoned Siya to find out more about Nasty C and he said "Yeah He sounds like AKA but he is mad talented and is someone to watch out for in the future". I thought mmmmhhh that is interesting cause Siya is very honest when it comes to judging artists in this country.

After winning UnderdogDay Nasty C would then have his track featured on Miss Cosmos show


I was like okay we have something here. There is more to this kid.

But being the zulu dude that I am i was not budging and kept dismissing the music that would later on win me as a Nasty C Fan. Price City Mixtape by Nasty C is a body of work that is so refined x polished x well produced x clinically varnished x verses x bars x storytelling x content x narration for days. After i listened to the tape i became i fan. A real fan.

The love Nasty C is receiving proves how as an underdog patience, perfecting your craft is important these days. Nasty C's story is going to make many people,rappers who visit the site believe that they can do it someday. It's going to be more valuable when his day one homies see the time they have invested in him.

The point i am trying to make is that Nasty C is being called out by SA Hip Hop. He is destined to be the next cat to fly the flag and compete with big named stars in this industry.

In concluding i urge you to find an unknown artist. Study his music, understand his flaws. Listen to his music and above all make it a point that you become a number one fan before the lights are on. Nasty C's light is about to shine and it's about to shine very bright.

By- Ndu Donsa

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