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SA Hip Hop Beefs We Would All Like To End Just Like The Game x 50 Cent

Disclaimer - we sighted beefs which were mentioned in tracks x tweets on social x none of these were made up nor are we trying to be controversial. We are not that kind of blog

Before I share with you beefs that we would all like to end I must say that this post was inspired by 50 Cent x The Game. These two cats squashed their beef after 12 years. So I started asking myself this question. Which SA Hip Hop Beefs Would We All Like To End Just Like The Game x 50 Cent?

Peep the beefs after the jump.

Tweezy x EJay


We have heard Ejay go at Tweezy on a couple of joints already x we have seen Tweets from Tweezy on why he is not entertaining this beef. E-Jay's latest jab was on his Nadia Nakai single which was released last week. This is the freshest beef at the moment x can it just end already?

Ifani x Tumi


This is a 2015 beef that started out of nowhere. But with iFani being woke x all sorts of positive energy now I doubt that he's going to be beefing with anyone. I guess we can say that his 2015 beef is squashed.

AKA x Cassper


AKA says he was on a flight with Cass and they started talking on how they should just squash their beef. This was all revealed during Sway's interview. This beef may actually be over now can you imagine a Cass x Doro track or atleast the money a brand would put up for a joint endorsement?

Cassper x Chad Da Don


Chad said some rather interesting things on "Chad Is Better". We know that Chad was once signed to Family Tree but ever since he left Chad has been feeling some type of way regarding Cass. Listen to the track x you will hear what I am talking about. This is one of those beefs that should really end in 2016.