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Summer Jam 2015 With @Leratolicious

Undoubtedly one of the biggest Hip Hop and R&B concerts takes place at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. New York’s Hot 97 Annual Summer Jam has proven, without doubt, to be the must attend concert for any music lover. Over the years the show has solidified the HOT 97 brand as being at the forefront of urban culture with every year having highlights that have the whole world talking (who can forget the colossal fight between the stations DJ Rosenburg & Hip Hop queen Nicki Minaj which resulted with her pulling out of the festival at the last minute. Luckily they eventually made up and saw her return to the stage last year with Drake & Lil Wayne).
The show boasts the crème de la crème of hip hop and R&B who perform back to back monster hits to a stadium of adoring fans, who are ready to sing along, word for word, to their favourite artists. But the real highlight of the legendary show are the surprises that the billed artists bring with them. In true Summer Jam fashion artists plan their performances very carefully and often reveal some extra “shrill evoking” guest performances. The biggest of such moment, in the history of the festival, was in 2001 when Jay Z brought out Micheal Jackson!! Yes Hov has had many memorabile moments on the Summer Jam stage but that was one for the history books.
This year will probably be no different, with a serious bevy of heavyweights set to grace the stage (King Kendrick, Big Sean, Chris Brown, Meek Mill and many more) it will be interesting to see who will bring out the biggest surprise, who will launch a verbal attack on another artist & who we will be talking about the most post the show… Either way, we wont be disappointed!!!


We'll be trolling @Leratolicious's timeline to get the juice look out for those posts.