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@reece_youngking Preps For A Ride To #Paradise

The self-proclaimed Young King, prince of the come-up kids, leader of the new age Pitori wave, Ambitiouz´ very own A-Reece is fixing to cement his place in the game with his debut album titled Paradise, which is set to drop on the 21st of October. It may seem like a long wait from now till then but not to worry, because he´s just released his CUTaways EP, which is basically a compilation of the tracks that didn´t make it onto the album.

Now the build up to this album is one of the most strategic I have seen in a while. A ride to paradise if you like. His follow up to the hit track Couldn´t featuring Emtee was a banger in the form of There She Go featuring Mzantsi´s Future Vandross: Saudi.

He has since dropped two tracks, along with their respective videos titled Mgani and Sebenza which are meant to gather clout from the TV audience. By the time the album arrives, his hive won´t have to start from scratch trying to figure out how they feel about it. Top shelve strategising from him and his stable Ambitiouz Entertainment. Not too surprised though, these are the same guys that led Emtee safely to a Platinum Plaque.

Do you think the kid has what it takes to attain Emtee-level sales? Get in the comments section, let me know what you think.

Stream CUTaways over here: